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Toyota Celica 4th Generation


In the year 1986 the Celica changed completly.

It was now an all-new vehicle with front wheel drive, a rounded, flowing body and new 2.0 L four-cylinder engines. In North America, the Celica was now available in ST, GT and GT-S trim, all available as either coupe or liftback models, with the GT being offered up in a soft-top convertible coupe as well.

STs and GTs came with a 116-horsepower engine, while the GT-S was given a 135-horsepower version of the same 2.0-liter engine. Front-wheel-drive and four-wheel independent suspension made the Celica the perfect all-around sports car.

For Japanese market Toyota introduced the "ultimate Celica", the GT-Four (ST165) in October 1986. With full-time all wheel drive and a turbocharged version of the GT-S 2.0 L engine producing 190 hp (3S-GTE), it immediately took its place as the flagship of the Celica range, and became the official Toyota rally car for all years of production. The GT-Four began exporting for 1988 model year, and marketed in the USA as All-trac Turbo.

In 1988, the ST163 with 4S-Fi engine was added into Japanese line up in ST and SX trim levels.

The ST165 GT-Four made its World Rally debut in 1988 Tour de Corse and finished 6th. The first victory came in 1988 Cyprus (non-WRC), and the first WRC victory in 1989 Rally Australia.

Engine Specifications

- 2S-E, 2.0L, fuel injected, SOHC
- 3S-FE, 2.0L, fuel injected, SOHC
- 3S-GTE, 2.0L, fuel injected, DOHC, turbocharged, fulltime four wheel drive

Trims and chassis codes

- ST = ST161
- GT = ST162
- GT-S = ST162
- All-Trac (USDM)/GT-Four(JDM) = ST165

Car Specifications

Wheelbase - 99.4 Inches
Length - 171.9 Inches (Hatch) - 173.6 (Others)
Width - 65.5 Inches - 67.3 Inches
Height - 49.8 Inches
Weight - 2,455 lb - 2,760 lb
Turning Diameter - 35.4 ft
Gas Tank - 15.9 Gal
Brake Disc Front/Rear - 9.6” / 7.9” (GT-S: 10.2"/10.6")