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Toyota Celica 3rd Generation


The third generation came in production in 1982.

Styling was changed considerably from previous models and power was now provided by 2.4-liter engines.

In September 1982, the first Celica turbo was launched in Japan. The GT-T has 1.8 liter 3T-GTE engine. In order to meet the FISA Regulation for Group B Rally Car to compete in the World Rally Championship (WRC), 200 units Celica GT-TS were built. These were the basic car for Group B Celica Twincam Turbo (TA64) which built and rallied by Toyota Team Europe.

In 1983, Toyota added the GT-S model to the Celica line to re-inject the sports image that Celica had lost as it grew larger and heavier with each subsequent model. The GT-S included larger wheels and tires, fender flares, sports suspension, and a sports interior including special seats and a leather-wrapped steering-wheel and gearshift knob.

Minor changes were given in late 1983 for 1984 model year, and distinguished by the redesigned front end, with fully-closed retractable headlights. Side vents, Hood, grille, tail lights,and bumpers were also new. The GT-R and GT-TR (turbo) were added to the Japanese line up.

Fuel injection became standard on all North American Celica, therefore the 22R engine became 22R-E. The GT-S Convertible, built by American Sunroof Corporation in California, was released in 1984.

Engine Specifications

2S-G, 2.0L, carburetor, SOHC
22RE, 2.4L, fuel injected, SOHC

In many markets, the 2T-B, 21R, and 18R-G engines were also sold; these were:

2T-B: 85 mm x 70 mm bore x stroke, 1588 cc
21R: 84 x 89 bore x stroke, 1972 cc
18R-G: 88.5 mm x 80 mm, 1968 cc

Japanese Market

Celica GT, 4A-GE, 1.6L, Fuel Injected, DOHC
Celica GT-S, 3S-GE, 2.0L, Fuel Injected, DOHC

Car Specifications

Wheelbase - 98.4 Inches
Length - 176.2 Inches (Coupe) - 176.6 (Liftback)
Width - 65.6 Inches
Height - 52 Inches
Weight - 2,496 lb
Turning Diameter - 32.8 ft
Gas Tank - 13.2 Gal
Brake Disc Front/Rear - 9” / 9”